Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We are particularly interested in your comments on our general approach.  Are we covering things about the 179th that you are not interested in?  Are there things about the 179th that you are interested in that we are not covering? Is there too much context and not enough focus on the 179th?  Etc.


  1. Hi -
    Sending kudos for what you are doing. My 2nd great-grandfather, Elias Beach was in Co. I 179th NY Volunteers (Aug 1864-June 1865). He was from Newfield, Tompkins County, NY. Also in same Company was his 1st cousin, Jerome Bateman as well as another 1st cousin, Van Ransalear Fabu(r)n but he was in Co. K. I have photo of Elias & his brother David (?) probably taken at Petersburg, Va. abt 1864-65. Have read your website & find your approach well suited to what I would be interested in. Look forward to purchasing such when it is finished. Have you consulted the Chemung Co. Historical Museum in Elmira, NY for info on the 179th? Would like to hear from you on anything I can contribute.

  2. Hi Don!

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    I don't have much information on Elias Beach other than enlistment details that you probably already know. There are no carded medical records for him, which means that he probably was not wounded or taken sick seriously enough to be sent to hospital. There is his enlisted form in his carded military service record as well as enlistment details. If you would like that information, let me know.

    If you would be willing to share a copy of the photo of Elias Beach,that would be great!